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Christina Kovacs

Asthma Patient Leader
Patient Leader, Christina, tells us about what asthma patients are currently dealing with when it comes to treatment interruptions, medication supplies, and ongoing care during the coronavirus pandemic.
Ilana Jacqueline is the Editorial Director of WEGO Health Answers. Have a question, comment or want to contribute your answers? Reach out to her at 
WEGO Health Team Member, Ivon Lakey talks about how asthma patients can cope with the changes to their treatment and disease management during the coronavirus pandemic.
WEGO Health Team Member, Ilana Jacqueline, talks about how multiple sclerosis patients can cope with the changes to their treatment and disease management during the coronavirus pandemic.
Everyone is struggling with the changes that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to our lives — but for many with existing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, these times can be especially trying. Julie Croner from the WEGO Health Team explores some ways we might reduce stress during this time and what kind of patients are at an especially high risk of complications.

Randy Patrick

MS Patient Leader
Multiple Sclerosis patients are part of the “at-risk” population for coronavirus. Patient Leader, Randy Patrick, talks about how this pandemic has shaken and strengthened the MS community and the advice he has for maintaining your disease management.

Gabe Howard

Mental Health Patient Leader
Gabe Howard, a mental health patient leader, talks about the bright side of living through the coronavirus and how it just might improve understanding for those with serious mental illnesses.


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